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Disappearing Act Part 2: Lucas Goossens @ Wilhelmina


DREAMS OF E.U.R.  -  Lucas Goossens (Wilhelmina NY);  stylist: Eugene Ong; grooming: Ernesto Casillas “Lucas is coming.  Are you ready?” read the short email from Lucas Goossens’ L.A. agent.   Two days later, the whole team was bewitched by the astonishingly beautiful, intelligent and downright civilized Lucas, as we hustled out a story that combined location [...]

08: Ari Cooper [Vision]


Ari Cooper (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas.   Special thanks to Meg at Vision, and to all those waiting patiently for test edits; November & December were genuinely overwhelming for me, in terms of cranking out successive editorials.  I am back on track  

Modern Screen: The Publicity Stills


Since we could only include a single shot of each model in our doomed dinner party for theones2watch, I thought it would be fun to put together an additional set of images. based on autographed production stills from Hollywood’s Golden Age. I mean, these kids are the L.A. all-stars, right? Why not give their fan [...]

And Then There Were None [for TheOnes2Watch]


Bad manners: Ben Waddell (L.A. Models), Kayla Tangemann (Next) & Ricky Bennick (Bleu) – three of the unlucky thirteen guests in this dinner party shot for theones2watch, with original text by Svetlana Kitto.   Check out the whole story, with complete credits here. special thanks to all of the agencies, the entire cast and team, and [...]

06: Josh Slack @ Vision/DNA


Truth in advertising: Josh Slack (Vision/DNA); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Too often, when you open your studio door you are confronted with a facsimile of the model you’ve booked for a shoot; not quite what you expected….hmmm maybe in the right light, after hair and makeup, from the right angles.  With Josh Slack, on the [...]

Égoïste: Garrett Rau, Tyson Paige & Tanner Novlan @ Vision for And Men FW 2012


And Men Magazine, FW 2012; stylist – Eugene Ong; grooming – Brian Haugen; models (from top) – Garret Rau, Tyson Paige & Tanner Novlan (Vision) special thanks to Joe at Vision Models

Bull Rush: Charles Melton @ Vision/DNA [Preview]


Korean Drama (well, half-Korean): Charles Melton (Vision/DNA); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Somewhere in the heart of America (I forget where, exactly) Charles Melton was plucked from the 50-yard line and fast-tracked to modeling stardom.  With his one-in-a-million face and memorable personality (a mix of court jester, leading man and slobber-knocker) Charles is well on his [...]

La Femme Nikita: Sabyr @ Vision [Preview]


New face Sabyr (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas What, exactly does one hope for when naming an infant girl Sabyr?  Let’s be honest, in a screenplay, she’d be a hired assassin.  Glamorous, but deadly.  I was able to ask the man behind the name – Sabyr’s father – and he replied matter of [...]

04: Brett Reeves @ Vision / NY Models


Oh, Canada: Brett Reeves (Vision /New York Models) I scheduled a very last-minute shoot with Brett Reeves and Maximillian Silberman – no groomer, no stylist, no assistant – one model changing while the other was being shot.  Luckily the guys hit it off, and what could have been Hurricane Max was somehow kept closer to [...]

The Reader: Martine @ Vision [Part 1]


New face Martine (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas Don’t judge a book by its cover: Martine has all of the outward appearances of a classic Disco Dolly:  cherubic face, gap-tooth smile, glowy skin, enormous mane of hair.  And of course, legs up to there.  This is a girl who clearly loves to be [...]

02: Maximillian Silberman @ Vision/Soul


Mad Max: Maximillian Silberman (Vision /Soul Artist Management) There’s a lot of talk about Maximillian Silberman, and most of it has to do with The Face (ok, there’s also been some chatter about the recent dermal piercing).   Yes, the face is spectacular and more-or-less perfect and emotive and eerily symmetrical and lightly dusted with [...]

Lionheart: Ari Cooper @ Vision [Part 1]


Ari Cooper (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas. Ari has been at the very top of my wish-list of L.A. girls to shoot.  In person, Ari bears an eerie physical resemblance to the young Kate Bush, and like Kate, she’s many things at once – naif, sorceress, artist, rocker, introvert, goofball.  Although Ari has [...]

Notes On A Casting: Laine Jennings @ Vision


A dangerous woman: Laine Jennings (Vision) Laine blew us away at the casting – she was our first unanimous yes for the story, and the cause of a fair amount of hyperventilating.  Getting Laine just makes you feel cool and relevant, which is always nice

Notes On A Casting: Victoria Darlington @ Vision


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Victoria Darlington (Vision), and it’s easy to see why.  Even in this simple casting call snap, her lush beauty and elongated proportions illustrate the textbook definition of Mannerism (in the best possible way): A principally Italian movement in art and architecture between the High Renaissance and Baroque periods (1520-1600) [...]

Notes On A Casting: Brooke @ Vision


No makeup artist, no hairstylist, no complicated lighting, no re-touching.  No problem.  The divine miss Brooke (Vision), from a slew of quick casting snapshots. One of my closest friends – let’s call her Tiel – is styling my first editorial featuring women, and she insisted that we hold a casting before committing to anyone.  And [...]

Lucas Goossens: Dreams of EUR [Preview]


Lucas Goossens (Vision/Wilhelmina NY); styling by Eugene Ong; grooming by Ernesto Casillas; top – Raf Simons, trousers- Native Sons, shoes – Jil Sander. “Lucas is finally coming to town next week. Are you ready?” Ten simple words from Lucas Goossens’ L.A. agent that set a whole, fairly complicated editorial in motion.  We scrambled through a [...]

Pulling The Wool: Tyler Johnson Preview


The multifaceted, multi-talented, crazily-blue-eyed and overall amazing Tyler Johnson (Vision/Root); styled by Eugene Ong in vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier; grooming by Alex Polillo @ Starworks Artists. To date, I have shot a grand total of 2 tests in 2011.  Which is kind of a shame because I love to test – it’s a great opportunity to [...]

L.A. Confidential: Double Vision


Continuing with The Fashionisto L.A. Casting Call, here’s George Finn (Vision); grooming by Ernesto Casillas. George has a great name, perfect skin and extremely wide-set eyes.  Does anything else really matter? Nickolas Beltran (Vision) is one of the few guys that I was able to spend more than five minutes with (in the parking lot, [...]

The Kids Are All Right, Ctd


Opening (and closing) Calvin Klein Collection s/s 2012 today, the one and only Dmitriy Tanner @ Vision/Soul Artist Management.

Justin Gaston’s Game Change


Justin Gaston @ Vision; Styling by Eugene Ong; Hair by Kali (Celestine); Makeup by Geoffrey Rodriguez (Ford Artists); Photo assistant Conan Thai;  leather chain maille tank by Michael Schmidt Studios. Vintage leather pants – Henry Duarte; belt – Veronique Branquinho; vintage boots – Helmut Lang; necklace – model’s own. Vintage leather pants – Henry Duarte; belt [...]

Coming Attractions


Looking like a million bucks, Brandon Gray, Colten Scott, Justin Pinos & Devin Grant @ Vision; Styling by Lisa Tarlow & Eugene Ong; Hair by Kali (Celestine); Makeup by Geoffrey Rodriguez (Ford Artists); Photo assistant Conan Thai;  All clothing by Native Son. Following sold-out shows at The Coconut Grove and Caesar’s Palace, four of Vision’s [...]

American Pie


Part 1 of my recent session with Dmitriy Tanner @ Vision/Soul Artist Management, on the heels of his runway exclusive for Givenchy Fall 2011; bomber jacket – Raf Simons Shirt – Walter Van Beirendonck; shorts – Martin Margiela; belt – Comme des Garcons Homme Plus special thanks to Joe at Vision

The Color Of Money [Part 1]


Ben Brian @ Vision/Soul Artist Management;  jacket – Polo Ralph Lauren Trousers – Ann Demeulemeester Jacket – Comme des Garcons Homme Plus; shirt – Prada special thanks to Joe at Vision L.A.

Something Wilde


AND MEN MAGAZINE, F/W 2010; Michael Hudson @ Vision /Major; styling by Eugene Ong; hair by Alex Polillo for Andy LeCompte, makeup by Geoffrey Rodriguez @ Ford Artists; set by Thomas Thurnauer @ Supercube. Adam McMahon @ Vision Matt Lee @ Ford Daniel Landroche @ Ford Amadeus Serafini @ Ford