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L.A. Confidential: Peter Urisch


File under Unicorn: The spectacular Peter Urisch (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Peter has been on my shortlist for quite a while, so I was really happy that Carl chose him for the casting call (I stayed out of things).  He has the most extraordinary look – something almost archaic….so I just let him stand [...]

Luis Borges: O Unicórnio [or] Eleven Ways To Sell A Tee Shirt


Luis Borges @ DNA.  Styled by Carl Barnett; hair by Colin Yeo; makeup by Georgi Sandev It’s not really a set, is it?  It’s one shot, albeit 11 ways.  After wrapping up a really dark editorial for the fall issue of Fashionisto Magazine, I shot 33 really light test frames of the phenomenon from Portugal.  [...]

Wasted Youth – for Fashionisto Issue 2


Unicorns David Chiang & Eugeniy Sauchanka (Major NY) in a new editorial for the second issue of Fashionisto Magazine. Fashion Editor Carl Barnett; hair by David Colvin; makeup by Don Rokicki Order the issue here special thanks to Brian Kish

His Name Is Mudd


One of my very favorite faces – the singular Frey Mudd (Red); hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; shirt – Prada shirt – Liberty of London; suit – Prada

The Kids Are All Right, Ctd


Michael Hudson @ Vision /Major; Grooming by Brian Haugen @ Artists by Timothy Priano I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Michael Hudson twice; the first time he brought his dad, who happened to be in town, which was a lot of fun (in hindsight, I should have taken a father and son portrait).  One of [...]

Unicorns L.A.


Amadeus @ Ford; hair by Alex Polillo for Andy LeCompte, makeup by Geoffrey Rodriguez @ Ford Artists Last month I shot Vision’s Michael Hudson for an editorial, and took a bunch of test shots while I was at it. These shots were quickly sent to a handful of confidantes, with the exclamatory “this kid is [...]