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09: Chris Peterson [Photogenics]


Powered by VIA: Chris Peterson (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; photo assistant Kacie Tomita special thanks to James at Photogenics

08: Ari Cooper [Vision]


Ari Cooper (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas.   Special thanks to Meg at Vision, and to all those waiting patiently for test edits; November & December were genuinely overwhelming for me, in terms of cranking out successive editorials.  I am back on track  

07: Charlie Shades [L.A. Models]


Charlie Shades (L.A. Models); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Cry Baby:  Brand-new face Charlie Shades has bone structure that’s very reminiscent of a young Matt Dillon or Johnny Depp – all tautness and finely-modeled rhomboids and crazy elliptical cheekbones (with puppy dog eyes, as a bonus).   For that reason, Ernesto and I decided to nudge this [...]

06: Josh Slack @ Vision/DNA


Truth in advertising: Josh Slack (Vision/DNA); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Too often, when you open your studio door you are confronted with a facsimile of the model you’ve booked for a shoot; not quite what you expected….hmmm maybe in the right light, after hair and makeup, from the right angles.  With Josh Slack, on the [...]

05: Mark Wystrach @ L.A. Models / Soul


Mark Wystrach (L.A. Models / Soul Artist Management); grooming – Ernesto Casillas Everything you could possibly want to know about Mark Cameron Wystrach is a Google click away; page after page after page of fun facts.  I hadn’t done my homework, and instead agreed to shoot with Mark because I liked his face.  Imagine that… [...]

Showboat: Devon Spence @ L.A. Models/Click NY


Devon Spence (L.A. Models / Click NY); photo assistant – Kacie Tomita Given a choice between a sexy shot and a stupid shot, I would almost always go with the latter – as long as the model is pretty enough to pull it off.   In a very brisk set with Devon Spence (he had a [...]

Bull Rush: Charles Melton @ Vision/DNA [Preview]


Korean Drama (well, half-Korean): Charles Melton (Vision/DNA); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Somewhere in the heart of America (I forget where, exactly) Charles Melton was plucked from the 50-yard line and fast-tracked to modeling stardom.  With his one-in-a-million face and memorable personality (a mix of court jester, leading man and slobber-knocker) Charles is well on his [...]

Super Junior: Chris Peterson @ Photogenics [Preview]


Chris Peterson (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; photo assistant extraordinaire – Kacie Tomita The old gang and the new gang (welcome Kacie Tomita!) had an extremely fruitful shoot with Chris Peterson.  Boy-band pretty in-person (and I mean that in the best possible way), Chris morphs into something darker and stronger once the strobes start popping.  [...]

04: Brett Reeves @ Vision / NY Models


Oh, Canada: Brett Reeves (Vision /New York Models) I scheduled a very last-minute shoot with Brett Reeves and Maximillian Silberman – no groomer, no stylist, no assistant – one model changing while the other was being shot.  Luckily the guys hit it off, and what could have been Hurricane Max was somehow kept closer to [...]

03: Caleb Lane @ L.A. Models / Ford NY


Don’t Mess With Texas: Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Once we’d wrapped a mostly outdoor shoot, and Caleb Lane was back in his street clothes, the super-sweet superstar remembered that he had a brand new guitar in the back of his car.  We shot a quick portrait before he headed out the [...]

02: Maximillian Silberman @ Vision/Soul


Mad Max: Maximillian Silberman (Vision /Soul Artist Management) There’s a lot of talk about Maximillian Silberman, and most of it has to do with The Face (ok, there’s also been some chatter about the recent dermal piercing).   Yes, the face is spectacular and more-or-less perfect and emotive and eerily symmetrical and lightly dusted with [...]

01: Jake Madden @ Ford


Man-muse: Jake Madden (Ford);  styling by Eugene Ong; grooming by Ernesto Casillas; My great friend, makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez, suggested a short while ago that Ford model Jake Madden and I shoot something together – and so we have, thrice now.   The incentive behind this extremely quick test was to document Jake’s new beardage and [...]