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  When a single frame isn’t enough; Red‘s Abiah Hostvedt, doing that thing he does so well; hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; jacket – Prada. I started experimenting with Gifs last week by sequencing roughly related shots.  This week I’ll be shooting material that is intended solely for stop motion animation, for [...]

His Name Is Mudd


One of my very favorite faces – the singular Frey Mudd (Red); hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; shirt – Prada shirt – Liberty of London; suit – Prada

Get Happy – Fashionisto Magazine Preview


Here’s a handful of shots from a story in Issue Number 1 of Fashionisto Magazine; Abiah Hostvedt @ Red and Seth Miller @ Ford; Fashion Director Carl Barnett; grooming by Colin Yeo @ Pure Management; retouching by Brian Heller. Order the magazine here. special thanks to Carl at The Fashionisto

It’s A Good Start


Here are some highlights from a new story that revolves around the iconic Martin Margiela charity AIDS T Shirt.  The use of subtly different shades of nude was inspired by Synedoche, an ongoing portraiture project by Korean American artist Byron Kim (see it here).  It’s A Good Start is in the launch issue of David [...]

Notes On Noma


Noma Han (Red) has temporarily decamped to the South Korean Peninsula, and New York City mourns; hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; shirt – Prada A few weeks ago I was emailing back-and-forth with another photographer, and I mentioned that Noma Han would be in an upcoming editorial of mine. Her response was, [...]

Evan Almighty


A few frames of a favorite face; Evan Santoro @ Red; hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; suit – Prada; cardigan – Antonio Marras

The Young Fogey Handbook [Chapter 3]


Jakob Graff @ Red;  cardigan – Prada; trousers – New York Industry Cardigan – Martin Margiela Jacket – Comme des Garcons Homme Plus; trousers – New York Industry; shirt — Prada

The Young Fogey Handbook [Chapter 2]


Nico Krull @ Red;  jacket – Jil Sander; cardigan – Martin Margiela Jacket – Comme des Garcons Homme Plus; shirt – Oak Duffle vest – Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons Man

The Young Fogey Handbook [Chapter 1]


Philip Möller @ Red; suit – Comme des Garcons Homme Plus; shirt – Paul Smith I recently raided the closet of my friend BK, in order to dress a day’s worth of fresh faces in a reserved, vaguely Anglo-centric style.  Many of these kids are the real-deal; boarding school or prep school boys with a [...]