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Disappearing Act Part 3: Niclas Gillis @ DNA & Nick Lacy @ Next


Niclas Gillis (DNA) & Nick Lacy (Next); styled by Eugene Ong; grooming by Alexis Swain @ Next Artists:  all clothes Native Son.   special thanks to Mimi & Jillian at Next, and to Kyle at Native Son

Fantastic Four


It’s been a while – a long while – since I’ve had the time to update this blog; the early weeks, and now months, of 2012 have been crowded with a mixture of catch-up editing and planning and shooting new editorials.  At last, I’m on the cusp of the point where I can stay on [...]

Modern Screen: The Publicity Stills


Since we could only include a single shot of each model in our doomed dinner party for theones2watch, I thought it would be fun to put together an additional set of images. based on autographed production stills from Hollywood’s Golden Age. I mean, these kids are the L.A. all-stars, right? Why not give their fan [...]

And Then There Were None [for TheOnes2Watch]


Bad manners: Ben Waddell (L.A. Models), Kayla Tangemann (Next) & Ricky Bennick (Bleu) – three of the unlucky thirteen guests in this dinner party shot for theones2watch, with original text by Svetlana Kitto.   Check out the whole story, with complete credits here. special thanks to all of the agencies, the entire cast and team, and [...]

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?


The iconic face of A.J. English (Next), from our second collaboration . . . On Labor Day I teamed up with a hell of a lot of people (25? 28?) to shoot something conceptually straightforward but technically very, very challenging.  Here’s hoping I can take the raw material all the way to fruition without screwing [...]

L.A. Confidential: Ryan Curry


Have a look at Ryan Curry’s (Next) book and you see a complete chameleon; one minute he’s all boyish charm and the next he’s convincingly bad-ass.  Ryan is definitely one of the guys from The Fashionisto’s L.A. Casting Call that I’d like to shoot again – great face, great attitude…. Grooming by Ernesto Casillas.

L.A. Confidential: Corey Wallace


There are basically 2 kinds of flawless beauty; there’s run-of-the-mill flawless beauty, and then there’s ridiculous and completely unfair flawless beauty – you know, the kind that comes with brains, personality, inventiveness, foreign accent – the works.  Australian native Corey Wallace (Next) – a dead-ringer for the young Gary Cooper – could be the finest [...]

L.A. Confidential: A.J. English


Winding down with The Fashionisto’s L.A. Casting Call, here we have A.J. English (Next), one of the nicest surprises of the day.  Self-aware in the best possible way, A.J. knows how to take a picture.  I could have easily edited twenty frames or more, from the 5 minute session, but Carl doesn’t want me to [...]

L.A. Confidential: Wassup Rockers


Frampton Comes Alive: continuing the L.A. casting story we have the delightful 70′s throwback Maxime Sokolinski (Next). Grooming by Ernesto Casillas. One of the real stand-outs of the day for me was Zach (Photogenics).  Hypnotic isn’t a word I throw around lightly, but his face and demeanor kind of blew me away.  Grooming by Ernesto [...]

A Hawaiian In Paris

HT 06 Web

Hudson Taylor @ Click NY and Next Miami, wearing vintage Jantzen About six weeks or so ago, I had the opportunity to shoot a test with the rather phenomenal Hudson Taylor. Much of his book – mostly shot in Hawaii – was on the commercial side; our mutual goal was to nudge him into a [...]