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Modern Screen: The Publicity Stills


Since we could only include a single shot of each model in our doomed dinner party for theones2watch, I thought it would be fun to put together an additional set of images. based on autographed production stills from Hollywood’s Golden Age. I mean, these kids are the L.A. all-stars, right? Why not give their fan [...]

Black Friday: Caleb Lane @ L.A. Models / Ford NY


Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas special thanks to Sergio at L.A. Models

And Then There Were None [for TheOnes2Watch]


Bad manners: Ben Waddell (L.A. Models), Kayla Tangemann (Next) & Ricky Bennick (Bleu) – three of the unlucky thirteen guests in this dinner party shot for theones2watch, with original text by Svetlana Kitto.   Check out the whole story, with complete credits here. special thanks to all of the agencies, the entire cast and team, and [...]

07: Charlie Shades [L.A. Models]


Charlie Shades (L.A. Models); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Cry Baby:  Brand-new face Charlie Shades has bone structure that’s very reminiscent of a young Matt Dillon or Johnny Depp – all tautness and finely-modeled rhomboids and crazy elliptical cheekbones (with puppy dog eyes, as a bonus).   For that reason, Ernesto and I decided to nudge this [...]

05: Mark Wystrach @ L.A. Models / Soul


Mark Wystrach (L.A. Models / Soul Artist Management); grooming – Ernesto Casillas Everything you could possibly want to know about Mark Cameron Wystrach is a Google click away; page after page after page of fun facts.  I hadn’t done my homework, and instead agreed to shoot with Mark because I liked his face.  Imagine that… [...]

Showboat: Devon Spence @ L.A. Models/Click NY


Devon Spence (L.A. Models / Click NY); photo assistant – Kacie Tomita Given a choice between a sexy shot and a stupid shot, I would almost always go with the latter – as long as the model is pretty enough to pull it off.   In a very brisk set with Devon Spence (he had a [...]

Trick Or Treat: Devon Spence @ L.A. Models/Click NY


Nothing says Halloween like a 99 cent mask and a million dollar smile: wunderkind Devon Spence (L.A. Models / Click NY); photo assistant – Kacie Tomita a) wishing all a safe and happy Halloween b) special thanks to Sergio at L.A. Models c) I owe you 99 cents Kacie (and not a penny more!)

Charlie Shades @ L.A. Models [Preview]


The face as art object: Charlie Shades (L.A. Models); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; perfect skin by God I couldn’t help myself, and I know I drove Ernesto crazy.  If I didn’t say “you have such an extraordinary face” to poor Charlie Shades a hundred times, I didn’t say it once.  Stay tuned for the full [...]

Bringing The Indoors Out: Caleb Lane


Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas After searching high and low (it’s notoriously difficult to shoot outdoors in LA without a permit) I have found a top-secret location that I can now call my outdoor studio…at least until I get thrown out (Ernesto is sworn to secrecy).  Huge, off the beaten path, [...]

03: Caleb Lane @ L.A. Models / Ford NY


Don’t Mess With Texas: Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Once we’d wrapped a mostly outdoor shoot, and Caleb Lane was back in his street clothes, the super-sweet superstar remembered that he had a brand new guitar in the back of his car.  We shot a quick portrait before he headed out the [...]

L.A. Confidential: Designated Drivers


Andrew Phillips (Click); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Native Californians Andrew Phillips and Johnny Beyer ended up at the Fashionisto L.A. Casting Call by playing chauffeur to their respective model buddies.  The similarities end there:  Andrew is a total goofball who’s just starting out, and he happily jumped into the hot seat;  Johnny is super low-key [...]

Up For Air


Well-known for his enormous fro and blue-green eyes, Dennis Lewis ( L.A. Models ) cuts it all off. It’s the end of February, and I’ve been so consumed with trying to meet deadlines; I just realized that I haven’t posted in forever.  Here’s a single shot from a recent, fun shoot with Dennis.  This is [...]

The Color Of Money [Part 2]


One of my favorite faces of 2010, Tyler House @ L.A. Models; sweater – Eugene Ong; trousers – Martin Margiela Jacket – Comme des Garcons Homme Plus; tank – Jean Paul Gaultier; shorts – Ralph Lauren Trousers – Martin Margiela Shirt – Dries Van Noten; sweater – Jean Paul Gaultier; jacket – Raf Simons; trousers [...]

Top Gun


Victor Ross @ L.A. Models/Major Styling by Eugene Ong; embroidered trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier Special thanks to Jarrod at L.A. Models, and to Conan Thai

Top Banana


Victor Ross @ L.A. Models/Major; styling by Eugene Ong; photo assistant Conan Thai; jumpsuit by Walter Van Beirendonck; boots (below), vintage Helmut Lang This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of shooting Victor Ross – he’s been on my wish-list to shoot for…..well, forever.   I don’t imagine that there are many folks lucky enough to [...]

Roll Me Over, Romeo


William Chan @ L.A. Models; trousers by Comme des Garcons Homme Plus;  photographed with the inimitable Marc Silverstein; Grooming by Brian Haugen @ Artists by Timothy Priano. L.A. Model’s William Chan is a one-man-band that plays like an orchestra; he’s really talented, and therefore really fun to shoot.  He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.  [...]