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L.A. Confidential: Designated Drivers


Andrew Phillips (Click); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Native Californians Andrew Phillips and Johnny Beyer ended up at the Fashionisto L.A. Casting Call by playing chauffeur to their respective model buddies.  The similarities end there:  Andrew is a total goofball who’s just starting out, and he happily jumped into the hot seat;  Johnny is super low-key [...]

L.A. Confidential: Ryan Curry


Have a look at Ryan Curry’s (Next) book and you see a complete chameleon; one minute he’s all boyish charm and the next he’s convincingly bad-ass.  Ryan is definitely one of the guys from The Fashionisto’s L.A. Casting Call that I’d like to shoot again – great face, great attitude…. Grooming by Ernesto Casillas.

L.A. Confidential: Corey Wallace


There are basically 2 kinds of flawless beauty; there’s run-of-the-mill flawless beauty, and then there’s ridiculous and completely unfair flawless beauty – you know, the kind that comes with brains, personality, inventiveness, foreign accent – the works.  Australian native Corey Wallace (Next) – a dead-ringer for the young Gary Cooper – could be the finest [...]

L.A. Confidential: A.J. English


Winding down with The Fashionisto’s L.A. Casting Call, here we have A.J. English (Next), one of the nicest surprises of the day.  Self-aware in the best possible way, A.J. knows how to take a picture.  I could have easily edited twenty frames or more, from the 5 minute session, but Carl doesn’t want me to [...]

L.A. Confidential: Wassup Rockers


Frampton Comes Alive: continuing the L.A. casting story we have the delightful 70′s throwback Maxime Sokolinski (Next). Grooming by Ernesto Casillas. One of the real stand-outs of the day for me was Zach (Photogenics).  Hypnotic isn’t a word I throw around lightly, but his face and demeanor kind of blew me away.  Grooming by Ernesto [...]

L.A. Confidential: Justin Gaston


I was happy to see that Justin Gaston (Vision) was on the list for The Fashionisto L.A. Casting Call – apart from his obvious good looks, he’s charming in a very understated, authentic way – he’s almost from another time.  Grooming by Ernesto Casillas. I dug up a shot of Justin, with a retro vibe [...]

L.A. Confidential: Double Vision


Continuing with The Fashionisto L.A. Casting Call, here’s George Finn (Vision); grooming by Ernesto Casillas. George has a great name, perfect skin and extremely wide-set eyes.  Does anything else really matter? Nickolas Beltran (Vision) is one of the few guys that I was able to spend more than five minutes with (in the parking lot, [...]

L.A. Confidential: Jake


Continuing with models from Photogenics at the L.A. Casting Call for The Fashionisto, we have a new face known only as Jake, who was extremely easy to shoot; grooming by Ernesto Casillas special thanks to M.M.

L.A. Confidential: Peter Urisch


File under Unicorn: The spectacular Peter Urisch (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Peter has been on my shortlist for quite a while, so I was really happy that Carl chose him for the casting call (I stayed out of things).  He has the most extraordinary look – something almost archaic….so I just let him stand [...]

L.A. Confidential: Maxime Bergougnoux


The perfectly perfect Maxime Bergougnoux (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas The Fashionisto touched down in L.A., albeit briefly.  A casting call was held, a number of select models appeared, and I used the occasion to bust out the tungsten lights that were gathering dust to shoot some quick, classic Hollywood-inspired portraits and assorted animations.  Here’s [...]



  When a single frame isn’t enough; Red‘s Abiah Hostvedt, doing that thing he does so well; hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; jacket – Prada. I started experimenting with Gifs last week by sequencing roughly related shots.  This week I’ll be shooting material that is intended solely for stop motion animation, for [...]

Louis Galloway: The Fashionisto Daily Digest [Preview]


A preview of Louis Galloway (Fusion), from an upcoming feature for The Fashionisto Daily Digest; styled by Carl Barnett; hair by David Colvin; makeup by Georgi Sandev

Your First Gif Is Like Your First Love


I can’t believe I managed this – special thanks to Steven Chu for the guidance….