04: Brett Reeves @ Vision / NY Models

Oh, Canada: Brett Reeves (Vision /New York Models)

I scheduled a very last-minute shoot with Brett Reeves and Maximillian Silberman – no groomer, no stylist, no assistant – one model changing while the other was being shot.  Luckily the guys hit it off, and what could have been Hurricane Max was somehow kept closer to a Category 3, thanks to the fast pace of the shooting and to Brett’s Canadian cool (at one point while I was changing the light set-up, I swear I heard Max exclaim “Dude, my Adam’s apple actually saved my life the other day!”).  Apart from being one of the nicest, most easy-going guys I’ve ever shot, Brett moved effortlessly from swagger to vulnerability to goofball, almost faster than I could keep up with.  Not to mention that face…

special thanks to Joe at Vision

Charlie Shades @ L.A. Models [Preview]

The face as art object: Charlie Shades (L.A. Models); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; perfect skin by God

I couldn’t help myself, and I know I drove Ernesto crazy.  If I didn’t say “you have such an extraordinary face” to poor Charlie Shades a hundred times, I didn’t say it once.  Stay tuned for the full set soon…

special thanks to Jarrod at L.A. Models

Bringing The Indoors Out: Caleb Lane

Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas

After searching high and low (it’s notoriously difficult to shoot outdoors in LA without a permit) I have found a top-secret location that I can now call my outdoor studio…at least until I get thrown out (Ernesto is sworn to secrecy).  Huge, off the beaten path, monitored neither by law enforcement nor private security, with numerous beautiful and light-reflective surfaces, all smelling faintly of excrement.  Heaven.  The simultaneously glamorous and down-to-earth Caleb Lane was up for being the first official guinea pig.  We also shot a darker studio set, which I’ll post at a later date.

Caleb has had a remarkable career (even a cursory Google search will produce a blue-chip tidal wave) with no end in sight, and consequently, now adopts a laissez faire attitude about modeling, preferring to chat instead about L.A., his hometown of Dallas, his band, his acting, his book, The Model’s Bible (only when pressed) and his low-key existence in the hills.  A great way to spend a hazy Sunday morning…

special thanks to Sergio at L.A. Models

The Reader: Martine @ Vision [Part 1]

New face Martine (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas

Don’t judge a book by its cover: Martine has all of the outward appearances of a classic Disco Dolly:  cherubic face, gap-tooth smile, glowy skin, enormous mane of hair.  And of course, legs up to there.  This is a girl who clearly loves to be in front of the camera, and it was so much fun shooting with her.  But what I love most about Martine – amongst all her loveable qualities – is that she goes to the public library at least once a week to check out books, just for fun

Ricky Bennick @ Bleu [Preview]

Ricky Bennick (Bleu); styling by Eugene Ong; grooming by Ernesto Casillas

The Ricky Bennick Experience has been a high point of 2011 (and we’re already in October!).  Stay tuned for much, much more :)


Special thanks to Lindsey at Bleu


03: Caleb Lane @ L.A. Models / Ford NY

Don’t Mess With Texas: Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas

Once we’d wrapped a mostly outdoor shoot, and Caleb Lane was back in his street clothes, the super-sweet superstar remembered that he had a brand new guitar in the back of his car.  We shot a quick portrait before he headed out the door…

02: Maximillian Silberman @ Vision/Soul

Mad Max: Maximillian Silberman (Vision /Soul Artist Management)

There’s a lot of talk about Maximillian Silberman, and most of it has to do with The Face (ok, there’s also been some chatter about the recent dermal piercing).   Yes, the face is spectacular and more-or-less perfect and emotive and eerily symmetrical and lightly dusted with magical faerie freckle dust.  But what really stands out (to me, at least)  is The Personality.   Hard to explain in a handful of words, but Max seems to be equal parts angst-ridden L.A. teen,  alpha-male Hollywood studio mogul, and cartoon character – let’s say Tasmanian Devil.  There’s only one Maximillian Silberman, and like many others, I’m predicting huge things…

special thanks to Joe at Vision