05: Mark Wystrach @ L.A. Models / Soul

Mark Wystrach (L.A. Models / Soul Artist Management); grooming – Ernesto Casillas

Everything you could possibly want to know about Mark Cameron Wystrach is a Google click away; page after page after page of fun facts.  I hadn’t done my homework, and instead agreed to shoot with Mark because I liked his face.  Imagine that

I asked Mark if he’d be down for growing a full beard (he was), so we ended up waiting about six weeks before finally scheduling something.  As serious as these shots may look, we had a blast in the studio.  Thanks Mark and Ernesto, for giving me some of my favorite images to date…

special thanks to Sergio & Jarrod at L.A. Models

Showboat: Devon Spence @ L.A. Models/Click NY

Devon Spence (L.A. Models / Click NY); photo assistant – Kacie Tomita

Given a choice between a sexy shot and a stupid shot, I would almost always go with the latter – as long as the model is pretty enough to pull it off.   In a very brisk set with Devon Spence (he had a flight to catch), we somehow managed to get a dozen unquestionably sexy and/or dramatic looks nailed down (the full set is in my editing queue), and still had time to spare for some goofball throwaways like those pictured here.  We shot about 40 frames of this look – all slightly different; all solid.  Devon pulled off the same trick with every look – I’ve never gotten more useable frames from a model before.  I could kill him….

special thanks to Sergio at L.A. Models

Bull Rush: Charles Melton @ Vision/DNA [Preview]

Korean Drama (well, half-Korean): Charles Melton (Vision/DNA); grooming by Ernesto Casillas

Somewhere in the heart of America (I forget where, exactly) Charles Melton was plucked from the 50-yard line and fast-tracked to modeling stardom.  With his one-in-a-million face and memorable personality (a mix of court jester, leading man and slobber-knocker) Charles is well on his way… 

The Saddest Music In The World – Carbon Copy Magazine Issue #10

Number 10, The Latest issue of Carbon Copy Magazine, is out now, and available for order here.  Ian, I’m chuffed to be a part of it! 

Special thanks to Ian Cole and Catherine Porter-Brown at Carbon Copy, Marco at Ford Models, Jake Madden, Lisa Tarlow, Eugene Ong, Ernesto Casillas, Vince Truspin, Thomas Thurnauer, Paul Laufer and Geoffrey Rodriguez.

Trick Or Treat: Devon Spence @ L.A. Models/Click NY

Nothing says Halloween like a 99 cent mask and a million dollar smile: wunderkind Devon Spence (L.A. Models / Click NY); photo assistant – Kacie Tomita

a) wishing all a safe and happy Halloween
b) special thanks to Sergio at L.A. Models
c) I owe you 99 cents Kacie (and not a penny more!)

Super Junior: Chris Peterson @ Photogenics [Preview]

Chris Peterson (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; photo assistant extraordinaire – Kacie Tomita

The old gang and the new gang (welcome Kacie Tomita!) had an extremely fruitful shoot with Chris Peterson.  Boy-band pretty in-person (and I mean that in the best possible way), Chris morphs into something darker and stronger once the strobes start popping.  In the sacred tome, The Secret Language Of Birthdays, we discovered that Chris is born on “The Day Of Singularity.”  Enough said, for now…

special thanks to James at Photogenics

La Femme Nikita: Sabyr @ Vision [Preview]

New face Sabyr (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas

What, exactly does one hope for when naming an infant girl Sabyr?  Let’s be honest, in a screenplay, she’d be a hired assassin.  Glamorous, but deadly.  I was able to ask the man behind the name – Sabyr’s father – and he replied matter of factly: “I collect swords.”  Well sir, your plans have been foiled (get it?)!  The real-life Sabyr, while glamorous, is as girly and giggly and wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly-sweet as you can imagine.  Much more on Sabyr to follow, and – all kidding aside – a big shout-out to mom and dad, because you guys were so awesome I could hardly stand it :)


 special thanks to Meg Day at Vision