Disappearing Act Part 2: Lucas Goossens @ Wilhelmina

DREAMS OF E.U.R.  -  Lucas Goossens (Wilhelmina NY);  stylist: Eugene Ong; grooming: Ernesto Casillas

“Lucas is coming.  Are you ready?” read the short email from Lucas Goossens’ L.A. agent.   Two days later, the whole team was bewitched by the astonishingly beautiful, intelligent and downright civilized Lucas, as we hustled out a story that combined location and studio set-ups.

I’ve had a longstanding romance with the Roman suburb of E.U.R. (a utopian urban planning project initiated by Benito Mussolini in 1935), and with Los Angeles’ uncanny physical resemblance to it; whole stretches of Wilshire Boulevard may as well be the Via Cristoforo Colombo.  Maybe it’s because I experienced E.U.R. before I arrived to L.A., but I can’t shake the similarities.  For this story, we mostly shot around Edward Durrell Stone’s Wilshire Collonade (1968) and Henry Kreis and Albert Stewart’s Fort Moore Pioneer Monument (1957)Benito would be proud.

Lucas, with his Roman ringlets, seemed the perfect vehicle for creating a story that would play out my obsession.  Turning in the shots, the magazine wrote back “Richard this story is so beautiful! So happy you’re publishing it in ________. Amazing! Thank you again!”

After waiting six months, I realized that not only would the story never run, the issue itself would never materialize….and within a few months of our shoot, Wilhelmina would put the kibosh on Lucas’ curls, giving him a very polished, grown-up cut.  It was just never meant to be……I’m just happy that Lucas’ career seem to be progressing nicely.

At any rate, I just remembered that I shot this group of photos, and so here are the pictures in the sequence they were meant to appear.  Many thanks and condolences to all involved – at least it was a super-fun day…

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