Disappearing Act Part 1: Satoshi @ New York Models & Lisa Marie @ Ford

Just one sip, and you will vanish forever:  Satoshi  (New York Models) & Lisa Marie (Ford); hair – Caroline Ramos; makeup: Thea Istenes;  photo Assistant: Kacie Tomita

Sometime in the Spring of 2012, Kacie Tomita and I decided to collaborate on a story – we’d shoot the same two models and style and assist for each other, in wildly different settings.  My set was shot in the studio, whereas Kacie traipsed the entire team up to a hidden canyon, shrouded in thick fog, for her magical set.  Fun (and to some, extent, terror) was had by all.  Unfortunately, this two-fold story, while commissioned by a magazine, disappeared without a trace.

Over the course of 2012, this happened three times.  Discouraging, to say the least, mostly because of the time and effort spent by the models, artists, crew and agents.   In the intervening months, many of the models have completely new looks, and so the images are pretty outdated.  I decided to start posting these missing stories, one at a time….

Thanks again to all involved.  Hopefully, for this story, Kacie will post her set as well….


special thanks to Lisa Tarlow, and to Monica at Ford

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