Fantastic Four

It’s been a while – a long while – since I’ve had the time to update this blog; the early weeks, and now months, of 2012 have been crowded with a mixture of catch-up editing and planning and shooting new editorials.  At last, I’m on the cusp of the point where I can stay on top of things, so expect lots of new, regularly posted content.

The four models pictured here (in throw-away shots from separate editorials) have become the four faces that most inspire me, and I would pretty much drop everything to shoot any of them, at any time.  As bad luck would have it, none of them currently call Los Angeles home, so I will take what I can get, when I can get it.  Satoshi is in the middle of a brief, hectic stint in L.A., and he’s staying a stone’s throw away from my studio, so you can expect to see a handful of upcoming collaborations…

At any rate, all four of these models have everything a photographer could ask for; great bones, great eyes, great skin, great bodies, great personalities. And most importantly, great generosity.

[Editorial outtake]:  Niclas Gillis & Erika Linder (Next); styling by Jamie Lauren Salazar; hair by Kali (Celestine); makeup by Heather Currie (Cloutier Remix)


[Editorial outtake]: Satoshi Toda (New York Models) & Lisa Marie (Ford); hair by Caroline Ramos (Next Artists); makeup by Thea Istenes (Next Artists)

special thanks to the teams, and to Monica at Ford and Mimi and Jillian at Next

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  1. Maddy says:

    Oh dear lord.. Erika always gets me everytime. Look at that face. She can pull of that feminine look and that hot boyish looks as well. I will never get tired of it. She’s a genius without even knowing it. Props to her.

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