MADE IN JAPAN: Satoshi Toda for The Fashionisto

Made In Kanagawa, to be exact: Satoshi Toda (New York Models / Marilyn MGM Paris) for The Fashionisto: styling by Eugene Ong; hair by Jill O’Neil @ Refuge Salon; photo assistant Kacie Tomita.  Check out the story in higher-res on The Fashionisto Daily Digest here.

Of the editorials I shot in 2011, I think my favorite is called Battle Royale, and it stars new face Satoshi Toda, in his 3rd-ever shoot.   The story juggles an unlikely combination of elements: pastel colors, pretty lighting, futuristic camouflage, toy weapons, and Satoshi’s b-boy contortions.   Oh yeah, and freckles.   At any rate, somehow it all seems to hang together nicely, in no small part due to Satoshi’s verging-on-cyborg performance.  It was shot for And Men Issue 16, and since it won’t be hitting the newsstands until May of this year, I decided to shoot Satoshi again, in something that could be released fairly quickly.   We came up with a story that showcases his perfectly symmetrical face, his physicality, and his (bonus!) origami and calligraphy skills for The Fashionisto.  The truly marvelous and beloved-by-all Kacie Tomita helped to make it all possible on the day of the shoot.


thanks to Carl at The Fashionisto, and extra-special thanks to Kacie Tomita

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