Lost Portraits: Adrian Cardoso, Dylan Reitz & Luis Borges for Fashionisto

Outtakes:  Luis Borges (DNA), Adrian Cardoso & Dylan Reitz ( Wilhelmina NY).  Fashion Editor Carl Barnett; makeup by Georgi Sandev; hair by Colin Yeo.  Order the Winter/Spring 2012 issue here.

Carl titled our story Renaissance Man, and what was on my mind as we shot (apart from “does that backdrop really stink from having been dragged through the cobbled streets of Soho, or is it just me?”) was the last, great gasp of the High Renaissance: Mannerism.   The casting couldn’t have been better, because all three of the faces posted here could be staring back at you from a canvas by Rosso Fiorentino, Pontormo or Bronzino.  While I half-knew that these shots wouldn’t make it into the magazine, shooting them was a fun warm-up exercize…




special thanks to Carl for rounding up this incredible trio…..

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