07: Charlie Shades [L.A. Models]

Charlie Shades (L.A. Models); grooming by Ernesto Casillas

Cry Baby:  Brand-new face Charlie Shades has bone structure that’s very reminiscent of a young Matt Dillon or Johnny Depp – all tautness and finely-modeled rhomboids and crazy elliptical cheekbones (with puppy dog eyes, as a bonus).   For that reason, Ernesto and I decided to nudge this set into a vaguely 80′s-meets-50′s vibe.  Next time we’ll go for the jugular with full-on Edward Scissorhands :)

This young Texan is what they call a living doll – easy-going charm and a quick study.  And perfect, almost airbrushed skin, right out of the Mattel factory….

special thanks to Jarrod at L.A. Models

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