06: Josh Slack @ Vision/DNA

Truth in advertising: Josh Slack (Vision/DNA); grooming by Ernesto Casillas

Too often, when you open your studio door you are confronted with a facsimile of the model you’ve booked for a shoot; not quite what you expected….hmmm maybe in the right light, after hair and makeup, from the right angles.  With Josh Slack, on the other hand, what you see in pictures is what you get in person – the perfect skin, the shock of healthy hair, the as-described blue-green eyes, the indisputable 6’2″ frame, perfectly proportioned.  But wait, there’s even more!  Immaculate fingernails with no ragged cuticles!  No overzealous manscaping!  And as if that wasn’t enough, shooting Josh was super-chill and super-fun, because Josh just happens to be super-chill and super-fun…



special thanks to Joe at Vision L.A.

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