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The Saddest Music In The World – Carbon Copy Magazine Issue #10


Number 10, The Latest issue of Carbon Copy Magazine, is out now, and available for order here.  Ian, I’m chuffed to be a part of it!  Special thanks to Ian Cole and Catherine Porter-Brown at Carbon Copy, Marco at Ford Models, Jake Madden, Lisa Tarlow, Eugene Ong, Ernesto Casillas, Vince Truspin, Thomas Thurnauer, Paul Laufer [...]

Trick Or Treat: Devon Spence @ L.A. Models/Click NY


Nothing says Halloween like a 99 cent mask and a million dollar smile: wunderkind Devon Spence (L.A. Models / Click NY); photo assistant – Kacie Tomita a) wishing all a safe and happy Halloween b) special thanks to Sergio at L.A. Models c) I owe you 99 cents Kacie (and not a penny more!)

Super Junior: Chris Peterson @ Photogenics [Preview]


Chris Peterson (Photogenics); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; photo assistant extraordinaire – Kacie Tomita The old gang and the new gang (welcome Kacie Tomita!) had an extremely fruitful shoot with Chris Peterson.  Boy-band pretty in-person (and I mean that in the best possible way), Chris morphs into something darker and stronger once the strobes start popping.  [...]

La Femme Nikita: Sabyr @ Vision [Preview]


New face Sabyr (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas What, exactly does one hope for when naming an infant girl Sabyr?  Let’s be honest, in a screenplay, she’d be a hired assassin.  Glamorous, but deadly.  I was able to ask the man behind the name – Sabyr’s father – and he replied matter of [...]

04: Brett Reeves @ Vision / NY Models


Oh, Canada: Brett Reeves (Vision /New York Models) I scheduled a very last-minute shoot with Brett Reeves and Maximillian Silberman – no groomer, no stylist, no assistant – one model changing while the other was being shot.  Luckily the guys hit it off, and what could have been Hurricane Max was somehow kept closer to [...]

Charlie Shades @ L.A. Models [Preview]


The face as art object: Charlie Shades (L.A. Models); grooming by Ernesto Casillas; perfect skin by God I couldn’t help myself, and I know I drove Ernesto crazy.  If I didn’t say “you have such an extraordinary face” to poor Charlie Shades a hundred times, I didn’t say it once.  Stay tuned for the full [...]

Bringing The Indoors Out: Caleb Lane


Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas After searching high and low (it’s notoriously difficult to shoot outdoors in LA without a permit) I have found a top-secret location that I can now call my outdoor studio…at least until I get thrown out (Ernesto is sworn to secrecy).  Huge, off the beaten path, [...]

The Reader: Martine @ Vision [Part 1]


New face Martine (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas Don’t judge a book by its cover: Martine has all of the outward appearances of a classic Disco Dolly:  cherubic face, gap-tooth smile, glowy skin, enormous mane of hair.  And of course, legs up to there.  This is a girl who clearly loves to be [...]

Ricky Bennick @ Bleu [Preview]


Ricky Bennick (Bleu); styling by Eugene Ong; grooming by Ernesto Casillas The Ricky Bennick Experience has been a high point of 2011 (and we’re already in October!).  Stay tuned for much, much more   Special thanks to Lindsey at Bleu  

03: Caleb Lane @ L.A. Models / Ford NY


Don’t Mess With Texas: Caleb Lane (L.A. Models/Ford NY); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Once we’d wrapped a mostly outdoor shoot, and Caleb Lane was back in his street clothes, the super-sweet superstar remembered that he had a brand new guitar in the back of his car.  We shot a quick portrait before he headed out the [...]

02: Maximillian Silberman @ Vision/Soul


Mad Max: Maximillian Silberman (Vision /Soul Artist Management) There’s a lot of talk about Maximillian Silberman, and most of it has to do with The Face (ok, there’s also been some chatter about the recent dermal piercing).   Yes, the face is spectacular and more-or-less perfect and emotive and eerily symmetrical and lightly dusted with [...]

Alexey Galetskiy for PETER, TOM & DAVE – Issue #8


Alexey Galetskiy (DNA) for Peter, Tom & Dave Magazine, Issue #8; styling by Eugene Ong; grooming by Ernesto Casillas. check out the entire magazine here. special thanks to Gene at DNA and Lucas at Peter, Tom & Dave

Lionheart: Ari Cooper @ Vision [Part 1]


Ari Cooper (Vision); hair & makeup by Ernesto Casillas. Ari has been at the very top of my wish-list of L.A. girls to shoot.  In person, Ari bears an eerie physical resemblance to the young Kate Bush, and like Kate, she’s many things at once – naif, sorceress, artist, rocker, introvert, goofball.  Although Ari has [...]