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Notes On A Casting: Laine Jennings @ Vision


A dangerous woman: Laine Jennings (Vision) Laine blew us away at the casting – she was our first unanimous yes for the story, and the cause of a fair amount of hyperventilating.  Getting Laine just makes you feel cool and relevant, which is always nice

01: Jake Madden @ Ford


Man-muse: Jake Madden (Ford);  styling by Eugene Ong; grooming by Ernesto Casillas; My great friend, makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez, suggested a short while ago that Ford model Jake Madden and I shoot something together – and so we have, thrice now.   The incentive behind this extremely quick test was to document Jake’s new beardage and [...]

Notes On A Casting: Nicole Mignano @ Ford


The startlingly beautiful Nicole Mignano (Ford); my kind of Texan…

Notes On A Casting: Milan @ Photogenics


Like all of the other girls who came to our casting a few weeks ago, Milan (Photogenics) had to work against an unforgiving lighting set-up, leftover from the night before.  Nevertheless, she photographed like a dream, and for a girl with miles of personality, Milan managed to deliver very soft, delicate snapshots…

L.A. Confidential: Designated Drivers


Andrew Phillips (Click); grooming by Ernesto Casillas Native Californians Andrew Phillips and Johnny Beyer ended up at the Fashionisto L.A. Casting Call by playing chauffeur to their respective model buddies.  The similarities end there:  Andrew is a total goofball who’s just starting out, and he happily jumped into the hot seat;  Johnny is super low-key [...]

Notes On A Casting: Victoria Darlington @ Vision


There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Victoria Darlington (Vision), and it’s easy to see why.  Even in this simple casting call snap, her lush beauty and elongated proportions illustrate the textbook definition of Mannerism (in the best possible way): A principally Italian movement in art and architecture between the High Renaissance and Baroque periods (1520-1600) [...]

Portrait: Carlos Macedo @ Fusion


Wassup New Bedford?  The soulful, stunning and singular Carlos Macedo (Fusion); hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay;  Prada suit; Antonio Marras cardigan.

Notes On A Casting: Amanda Viola @ Elite


The Sphinx: Amanda Viola (Elite), in a snap from our recent L.A. casting call.  With a wonderful combination of sass and vulnerability, Amanda has a patrician beauty that recalls the young Isabella Rossellini . . .

Chris Petersen: King Of The Mountain [Part 3]


A few final shots of Chris Petersen (Specimen/DNA/Nous); styling by Eugene Ong; track jacket – Prada; trousers Number (N)ine; socks – Thom Browne.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?


The iconic face of A.J. English (Next), from our second collaboration . . . On Labor Day I teamed up with a hell of a lot of people (25? 28?) to shoot something conceptually straightforward but technically very, very challenging.  Here’s hoping I can take the raw material all the way to fruition without screwing [...]

Notes On A Casting: Emma D. @ Photogenics


The adorable Emma D. (Photogenics) was an amazing find at our casting call last week; Dario Argento would have worshiped this girl…

Chris Petersen: King Of The Mountain [Part 2]


More on Chris Petersen (Specimen/DNA/Nous); styling by Eugene Ong; sweater – Vivienne Westwood Man; t shirt – Scheisser; jeans (below) – Levis.  Good luck at NY Fashion week Chris!