It’s A Good Start

Here are some highlights from a new story that revolves around the iconic Martin Margiela charity AIDS T Shirt.  The use of subtly different shades of nude was inspired by Synedoche, an ongoing portraiture project by Korean American artist Byron Kim (see it here).  It’s A Good Start is in the launch issue of David Urbanke & Shirley Yu’s newest endeavor, Youth & Freedom Magazine – you can check out the complete story here; thirteen of my favorite faces, beginning here with the one-and-only Abiah Hostvedt @ Red. Hair by Linh Nguyen; makeup by Christyna Kay; photo assistant – Mark Westinghouse.

Noma Han & Evan Santoro @ Red

Andre Condit @ Ford

Ryan Bertrouche @ Re:Quest

Joseph Rossomando @ Re:Quest

Mark Westinghouse @ New York Models & Abiah Hostvedt @ Red

Frey Mudd @ Red

Paul Boche @ Fusion

Asa Fox @ Ford

Special thanks to Jesse at Ford, Josh at Fusion, David at New York Models, Gaspard at Request, and Dave & George at Red

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