Top Banana

Victor Ross @ L.A. Models/Major; styling by Eugene Ong; photo assistant Conan Thai; jumpsuit by Walter Van Beirendonck; boots (below), vintage Helmut Lang

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of shooting Victor Ross – he’s been on my wish-list to shoot for…..well, forever.   I don’t imagine that there are many folks lucky enough to walk around looking like he does – with that extraordinary and distinctive, freckled face, sitting atop an extraordinary and distinctive, un-freckled physique.  He is often photographed nearly-nekkid, for good reason.  Oh, and he’s also – it figures – smart and funny and a painter and a good mid-western boy with remarkable personal style (especially for a good mid-western boy).  And he’s a damned strong model.

Both of Victor’s books – L.A. and NYC, are chock-full of beautiful shots, and yet, both are suspiciously bereft of jumpsuits. It’s unseemly. And so a jumpsuit story seemed like the right and natural thing to do. I wish I could take credit for the banana, but of course, it was his idea….

Jumpsuit by USA Works; scarf by Vivienne Westwood; tank by Levis; hat by Paul Smith; shoes by Jil Sander

Vintage jumpsuit by Jean Paul Gaultier, from Palace; shirt by Burberry; tie and sunglasses by Jean Paul Gaultier; shoes (below) by Moschino

Special thanks to Jarrod at L.A. Models, and to Conan Thai

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  1. Sascha Petit Olivieri says:

    These are so stunning. Strong work UnK!


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