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Written On The Wind [part 2]


Kevin Freed @ Vision; styling by Eugene Ong; jacket by Lutz; Sandy courtesy of Theresa Sanford and the Southland Collie Rescue Yes, cowboys are now officially out of my system, at least for the time being (the Mexican rodeo clown I shot about a month ago has yet to see the light of day, nor [...]

Roll Me Over, Romeo


William Chan @ L.A. Models; trousers by Comme des Garcons Homme Plus;  photographed with the inimitable Marc Silverstein; Grooming by Brian Haugen @ Artists by Timothy Priano. L.A. Model’s William Chan is a one-man-band that plays like an orchestra; he’s really talented, and therefore really fun to shoot.  He’s also really, really, ridiculously good looking.  [...]

Written On The Wind [part 1]


Sean Thomson @ Ford; coat by Rachel Comey; jacket by Dries Van Noten; jeans by South Willard I could shoot Ford’s Sean Thomson until the cows come home.  Pardon the pun, but it’s easy to imagine shooting Sean a hundred different ways.  By any standard, this nineteen-year-old has a perfect face, and – in and [...]